If you have been feeling the need to talk to a counselor, the right time may be now. There are many reasons to seek professional psychotherapy such as: relational issues, addiction, PTSD, anxiety, depression, stage of life stress, and more. Attempting to solve issues like these alone is a very difficult challenge.

In my practice, I use evidence based, ecologically sensitive approaches that have been shown to improve the overall functioning for a significant amount of the participants whom underwent treatment. Additionally, I use a strengths based approach with the fundamental belief that most people are incredibly capable and resourceful when given the proper guidance and support.

Should I come in alone or with my family?

I believe that healthy individuals are supported by healthy relationships. Therefore, depending on your presenting concerns, bringing your partner or family to therapy may be the most efficient way to see growth and change. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I am trained to offer a supportive environment in which the relationship comes first and each individual in the relationship is treated equally. Further, by viewing problems systemically instead of linearly, the information begins to make more sense and interventions can be more precise. For example, Karl Von Frisch showed that bees fly in a figure eight dance to show other bees which plants have the best pollen. If Frisch had isolated one of the bees in a room, he would have observed the bee randomly flying around and bumping into walls. By observing the bees systemically, he could conclude their sophisticated nature. Similarly, as humans we often learn and grow together.

What should I do to prepare for therapy?

To determine whether individual or relational counseling will better suit your needs, I recommend requesting a 10-15 minute consultation over the phone. During this free consultation, I can gather a brief picture of what’s going on for you and how to best treat your situation. You can request a consultation either by calling my office phone at 405-603-3265 or by emailing me at scottpfister@bethanycounselingok.com.

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